February 12th, 2006


Drinking SOTD

For the past few Sundays I've posted songs sung by the Edge and Adam Clayton. This time I'm giving the mic to Larry Mullen Jr., (partly because some director cut him off at the Grammies). I actually like his voice, and the way he sings this one, because I am a huge fan of drinking-songs.

Sent the song to gmail, but the original was from the Larry sound archive at echosphere.net.

So without further ado, from those glorious ZooTV days I bring you...

Collapse )

Take a bow, Larry.

P.S. I've also uploaded "Endless Deep" from last week; not sure if it was done properly, so let me know if you encounter problems... thanks!
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Night & Day

I remember hearing this song as a wee one, not knowing 100% who performed it (had an inkling it was U2 but never checked), and it came up on my internet radio station (IceBerg Radio *pimp*AWESOME station*pimp*) just now.

Sweet holy mother of......*fans self, grabs ice water, lights cig even though she doesnt smoke, etc*

nice. ^_^

Does anyone have an MP3 of this???? (if Im allowed to ask, if not just let me know and I'll delete this part) Dont want to get anyone in trouble over my request, so dont worry about it. Sorry. *blush*
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