February 21st, 2006

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Yay! Update on the filming going on in South America

U2 in 3D, hold the goggles

February 20, 2006

Source: @U2

If you've been following along with Willie Williams' diary on U2.com, you've seen a half-dozen hints about film shoots, 3D, and other mysterious things that will apparently end when "we go in for the kill in Buenos Aires," as Willie put it.

Say what?

Apparently, U2 is doing the Buenos Aires concerts on March 1st and 2nd as a 3D HD (three-dimensional high definition) film shoot, with plans to produce an IMAX film. According to Definition Magazine, they're using gear provided by Pace Technologies, which has Titanic, The Abyss, and several other Hollywood blockbusters on its portfolio. Also involved in the production is 3ality, a company which specializes in 3D viewing ... get this ... that doesn't require any special eyewear. Freakin' cool!

Word is that all of the shows so far on the 4th leg are testing grounds for the cameras/technology, and that the Buenos Aires shows will be shot with nine (9) 3DHD cameras & crews.


Also, bearing goodies to brighten your day:

a slideshow of pics from last night's Sao Paulo show!