March 1st, 2006


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I got this from Ain't It Cool News.

There's an interview over there with director James Cameron about new projects he is working on.

Here's the snippit that caught my eye:

With that we began talking about 3D. The camera he is going to be shooting with is called THE FUSION CAMERA, which is scheduled to shoot a U2 Concert in the next couple of days. I love that he knows where his camera is going. Anyway. Jim’s planning on shooting 3D not so much as the stab you in the eye, throw a flaming spear at you type of thing, but as, what he calls, “A More Lucid Window,” through which to observe the worlds that he’s going to unleash upon us.

The things you do when you're bored...

So, I was bored late last night and I made a new U2 album.

I'm one of those U2 fans who aren't too fond of the Zooropa and Pop albums. It's sort of a half-and-half deal, half the album I like and the other half I hate. So I decided in my boredom last night to combine the songs that I enjoy from both albums into one collective album called....

...Popropa. I know, clever, huh? :) The tracklist for it is:

Do You Feel Loved
Staring At The Sun
Some Days Are Better Than Others
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
Last Night On Earth
The First Time
Dirty Day

I thought it came out pretty well, myself. Makes for a nice album. I don't really know why I posted this. Just felt like it. :)

EDIT: Just so I don't have to answer the "where the hell is *insert song name here*?!?!?" question a thousand times, let me say this. As this list is made up of only the songs that I like (which I honestly thought was made obvious in the entry), if it's not on here it means I don't like the song. Don't mean to be a dick (and if it comes off that way, I apologize) but I just wanted that to be clear.

Sarajevo concert

I don't mean to be a post whore (although can you really be considered a "post whore" when you've only made two posts?), but I have a quick question.

I am not really sure if this is the right place to ask, and if it's not please feel free to direct me to the right place. I'm looking for U2's Sarajevo show from the Popmart tour. I know that I can find it on, but since I have dial-up and even the wireless network that's somewhere around my neighborhood that I connect to goes slow when downloading torrents, it will take me many hundreds of hours to download this show. question is, is there anyone here who has this show who would be willing to do a B&P for me? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.