March 4th, 2006


Song Of The Day ideas

FAO: the Song Of The Day posters... this evening I had one of my overwhelming urges that must be satisfied, which was to make a big list of songs that could possibly be used for SOTD and haven't been yet. And it turned out to be rather larger than I had anticipated, I must say!  So yeah, if any of you are stuck for ideas and would like to see what I came up with, leave a comment and I'll email you the Notepad file I did it in.

(Includes: Rattle & Hum, Passengers, M$H, singles & B-sides, rarities, a few notable live performances, solo projects & collaborations, Captive, early demos, favourite remixes, and the Axtung Beibi outtakes. Whew!)
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Song of the Day

Thanks all for your responses in last week's poll; this looks like it'll be fun.. ;)

I've decided on a Friday Flashback/Weekend Wayback theme for the time being.
For the next while I'll post tracks from the 1978 demo record; I've brought you Street Mission previously, on the heels of the tragically amusing video clip that recently surfaced.

Today's selection is: Trevor

Trevor's here, oh dear..... Trevor's here, forever

Trevor "Strongman" Rowan was a member of Lypton Village; you may be better acquainted with his brothers Derek and Peter. Derek Rowan is known to most U2 fans as Guggi, and young Peter's face is forever emblazoned on the War album (as well as Boy for everyone but the US market...) and several other U2 releases.
Trevor also played bass in the Virgin Prunes with Dik Evans and Gavin Friday. Is it about him? Inspired by him? Bono's been unclear about this in past interviews...

Listen for bits and pieces of other songs all over this one. Touch, for example.... Comment with the ones you can pick out!
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U2 passports

my cousin in australia works for immigration, and she stamps music celebrities passports
guess whos passports she touched!!!!
yes!! U2!!
she didnt get to see them, but she saw their passports and touched them!!!