March 8th, 2006


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Special treat today, as promised.

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" from the PopMart Mexico video

What makes this extra special, is that I'm evaluating this not only on the music, but on the performance as well. At the bottom of this entry, you'll find a link to a WMV file of the video clip. Mirrors would be appreciated (or even a YouTube upload ;P), as I won't be able to re-upload this at all, due to the computer problems I'm having. Also, if anyone has an MP3 of this performance that they could upload for everyone, that would also be appreciated.

It's quite interesting to listen to the studio version and this live version back to back. Edge plays this song so well that you don't even notice the absense of the extra string section.
However, Bono really is the star of this one (and appropriately so). His energy and performance really carries the entire thing, and adds new layers to it.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning. This song opens the final encore of the concert, and after a bit of darkness and silence, the audience is greeted by a sort of siren sound and the BatPhisto MacPhisto sign. The crowd goes wild. After being subjected to a 40-foot mirrorball lemon spaceship, this is somewhat normal.
After a moment, out comes Bono, coughing, sputtering, swearing, and in full bubble-suit. I could go into some somewhat Freudian theories about the signifigance of the bubble-suit, but I'll spare you. In short, this is almost the return of The Fly. The leather suit has gained some bubbles, the hair is shorter, and the sunglasses are different, but the attitude is the same.
Throughout the performance, Larry is being Larry, the PopTart Adam is looking extremely laid back and cool, The Edge is molesting his guitar, and Bono's bouncing around and being Bono. My favourite part is the middle eight. When Bono gets to the middle eight, he sings the first line, then stops and mimes devil horns and then a halo, before starting the verse over again. As he gets to the "crucifix", he holds his arms out (well one anyway, he's holding the mic in the other) as though he's hanging on a cross. There's also something somewhat stirring about the way he hangs his head when he sings the word "star", and he almost sounds sad when he sings it, as though he never wanted to be a star in the first place. It reminds me of a part in the Madonna song "Drowned World/Substitute For Love" (which is of a similar nature, about the balance between celebrity and trying to live a normal life) when she sings the line "I never felt so happy" in the saddest voice ever.
Rather than ending the song with a Bonogasm as the studio version does, we get a patented extreme Bono closeup and camera kiss, and then, Bono puts his sunglasses on the camera, as though to say "Now, you're a star" ;P After that, the screens show none other than MacPhisto primping in the mirror (from the ZooTV tour). Then all of the screens cut to cycling Warhol images of various stars (such as Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, and Elvis), along with a cartoon image of MacPhisto, before they all settle on images of Marilyn Monroe as the song ends with a bang (literally).

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For "Edge" Fans....

There's so much traffic that comes through here...
Have any of you ever seen the portrait session at the
Sundance Film Festival back in late Jan. that the Edge was in (from Getty)? They are HOTT pics!

Just not sure if this was already posted before...