March 16th, 2006


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someone tell me how to use yousendit. i have a lot of bootlegs to share and i dont feel right enjoying them just by myself :) i have 41 shows just from Vertigo. 100+ shows from Boy-Vertigo.
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New Bond theme?

There's an article on Teletext today about U2 possibly doing the theme song for Casino Royale, which is news to me. It's not clear whether there's any truth to the story or if it's just the press getting the wrong end of the stick - I found a mention of it here...
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Today's fangirly ramble Song of the Day is...

Lady With The Spinning Head (UV1 Version) from the One single

I was sad to realise the Extended Dance Mix of this song had already been SOTDd, because it really is one of my favourite U2 songs ever, being as it is totally uplifting and amazing. I used to think if it wasn't Extended Dance, it just wasn't worth it. And then, in January I went crazy in the second-hand record shop in town and got the One single on vinyl, got it home, and was once again blown away not just by One but by this track, the UV1 version of Lady With The Spinning Head. Instead of viewing it as a shorter, inferior
version of the Extended Dance Mix, I saw it for what it was itself - four minutes of 90s U2 brilliance. It's perfect for when you're on the bus and you really, really have a craving for LWTSH but oh no, there's only five minutes before your stop and you don't have time for the Extended Mix... You put on this one and it works! And that means I actually do get to bang on about this song after all, so yay.Now, you may or may not know that I am a complete and utter 90s U2 whore/nut/crazy person (although God knows I make it obvious enough). I LOVE that era and my fave album of all time is Achtung Baby. And my 2nd fave U2 song, if you pushed me, is The Fly. So how great is a song like LWTSH which not only encompasses everything that's fantastic about 90s U2 but has The Fly in it as well! Honestly, it causes funny reactions in me like the word squee and the letter O and maybe you can tell but I am listening to it right now. Guh.

So do I have to convince you that it's a great song? Even if I don't I'm going to ramble. :D

The song is so sexy it should be illegal. Firstly, you have that to-die-for The Fly riff that creeps in towards the end and just makes you want to do naughty things to Edge, and before THAT there is all the other dancey happy goodness that makes LWTSH a brilliant song for getting ready to go out to, for putting on when you get in and are still on a high, for getting you on a high when you feel all 'meh' and life seems boring and annoying. It should maybe be prescribed on the NHS except then it'd lose its specialness. But on the other hand when someone asks you why you are so high and they say "are you on some sort of drug?" you could say "no, just Lady With The Spinning Head!"

And if that wasn't enough, you have the lyrics! What else do you want if you've got Bono singing about 6 and 9? He gets away with it, too, particularly because on the first few listens the music is so addictive that you're not paying too close attention to the words except to perhaps wonder why the lady has a spinning head. But when people like me who are not of purest mind actually listen, and find he's referencing a certain sexual position, it just elevates the song even more. Then you can stick it on in the kitchen in front of your mum, sing along without offending her but know deep down with a smile on your face that Bono means something baaaad. Which can't be anything but good, in my book. And if you have the Bill Flanagan book you'll probably have read the bit when Bill mentions the '6 and 9' reference to Bono and Bono says something about it being the most equal sexual position. Which again brings us back to the idea of the way woman are elevated in U2 songs (most of the time) - in this case Bono is elevating a woman by making her equal, because the typical male 'domination' is absent.

There are a few differences between this version and the God-like Extended Dance Mix (apart from it being sliiiightly less orgasmic). Of course it hasn't got the extended dance. Doh. There isn't that quiet-to-climax part that the Extended Mix has, but there are different lyrics lurking in there, which I find interesting, being of a lyrical persuasion. Although to be honest I had to check u2wanderer to find out what Bono was singing there because I've never quite heard it myself.

Mean old man
Took away my car
No credit down?
What're yatalkin' about?

instead of

I love that girl
She cure my blues
She's the one
In the travelling shoes

The changed lyrics in this version I find kind of cheekier and less 'worshipping' than the ones that replace them in Extended Mix, maybe more 'throwaway'...? But there's nothing really extensive enough about either to make a proper judgement. Neither is better or worse in my opinion as they're not the best lyrics in the song anyway but I'm always interested to know why things are changed like that.

Into The Heart has this to say:

"Achtung Baby had been such a difficult album to grind out that it was a surprise that the band had any energy left to do B-sides at all. 'Lady with the Spinning Head' was the original demo backing track that later spawned both 'The Fly' and 'Light My Way'. It's got a good groove courtesy of Larry's apparently carefree drum part and The Edge throws in a guitar-keyboard solo. The tracks that aren't laboured over tend to sound more like someone else, and Primal Scream and Happy Mondays lurk in the shadows here."

That quotation was just for info because that really isn't enough words to sing the praises of LWTSH , so it's best to ignore that and listen to my wisdom instead. ;)

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