March 17th, 2006

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Song of the Day - St. Pat's Edition

Breaking out of the 1978-1980 theme for a day...

My general opinion of the American version of St. Patrick's Day is fairly low and I won't bore you with it here; it's neither the time nor the place. Suffice to say I'm comfortable enough being an American with Irish heritage that I don't feel the need to prove it with green beer and public stupidity. (My cousin says he's not real sure about the availability of a good Jewish deli in Dublin long enough ago to have made corned beef a "tradition" either....)

With that out of the way, a song from a 1993 movie about a very real occurrence in modern Irish history--

In The Name Of The Father

Gavin Friday and Bono play to hair-raising effect off of one another's voices in this eerie track. The combination of keening and chanting and Gavin's monotonal delivery against an electric background of drums and pipes and breaking glass leaves the listener feeling unsettled and haunted... much as the tone of the movie it was created for does.

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The story of Gerry Conlon and his father, as told by the movie, is despite a few Hollywood liberties as good a movie as any for anyone who really wants to understand why Bono was so angry during SBS in Rattle&Hum.

[edit: clarified]Trivia -- U2's video for A Celebration, and parts of this movie, were both shot in the infamous Kilmainham Gaol... the arching bars over the stairwell will be instantly familiar.
There is a video for this song as well which if I am remembering correctly is on the DVD release of the movie.

The central story: four people arrested, tortured into false confessions and convicted for a bombing they did not commit under an overzealous new "anti-terrorism act" recently passed, should ring some alarm bells for Americans now.

Gerry Conlon's book


I completely forgot about this movie until I saw it again last night. It's only slightly memorable, but has not only a couple great scenes with the boys in U2 but footage from PopMart as well. Anyone else seen it?

EDIT: Two things: I'm not 100% about this but I believe that the PopMart footage is from the Cape Town, South Africa show. The second is, for those of you who have never seen it, the movie is unfortunately not out on DVD (at least in the States anyway). You can probably find the video in a local rental store, or there is a link in the comments to order it off amazon.