March 18th, 2006

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Last night, I was straightening up my room, when I suddenly faintly hear "So Cruel" playing somewhere in my apartment. Knowing full well that my Achtung Baby CD was already in my own CD player, which was turned off, and that So Cruel would be unlikely to be playing on the radio, I went to investigate. I followed the sound until I found my dad's old tape player. And sure enough, the tape inside was Achtung Baby.
I freaked slightly, ran and grabbed my empty CD case and went to find my dad. I was like, "Dad! That tape you're playing, that's this **waves Achtung Baby case**, it's like my favourite U2 album!" Turns out, he had gotten a box of old cassettes from someone, and had been playing them randomly. When he put that one in, he didn't even realize it was U2. I went and looked through the box, and freaked even more hugely at what I found. Under A Blood Red Sky! I really freaked at that point, because I don't even have that one on CD yet, and thusly, have only heard a couple of the songs on it.
Those were the only U2 tapes in the whole box, and neither had cases, but I snagged them anyway (of course), and used the tape deck on my stereo for the first time in about five years (I'm not kidding).

YAY for randomly finding old U2 tapes!
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Under Attack

"one" with Mary J Blige

During the week heard for the first time the new version of One which feature Mary J blige, it was played on Radio 1 in the UK ... an interesting version, at first not sure and Ms Blige does does the OTT diva vocal on it at some points ...

Are there plans for it's release in the UK and what would be great is if it is that all the sales money goes straight to Make Poverty History camapign?
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Jenny Lewis - Smile

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This might be an odd request, but can anyone think of a U2 song with lyrics about Spring in it? The only thing I'm coming up with that's U2 related is the beginning lines of "Summer Wine" by the Coors with Bono (Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring).
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Because I'm a nerd!

I created a U2 secrets community. :P

I was inspired by music secrets, lj secrets and any other secrets community you can think of. Not entirely sure if people will actually be interested. Maybe you feel that you'd love to see Larry mud wrestling with Adam, but think people will think you're weird. Make a little graphic and send it my way. If someone is feeling utterly generous enough to make a pretty little layout, go for it :) I've got some tweaking to do, but hang in there.
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