March 19th, 2006


SOTD : The first time...

One day (and it seems such a long time ago), I was sitting down in front of HBO waiting for some movie to begin. There was a concert of some old rock band that I knew very little about then. There were four of them: the lead singer was all in black and drenched in sweat; the bassist looked a lot like my father when he was younger; the drummer looked like he was in his twenties; the guitarist reminded me of Richard Gere.

I wasn't a rock fan then, and I wasn't paying much attention till this one song was sung. It changed my life forever:

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The song is so beautiful. The guitar, the bassline, the beat, and the anguished vocals... After watching that, I felt like I was there, I was Bono, I was with the thousand-strong audience, I was the girl, drained but longing for more. My heart just leaped to my throat at the bit where the heart lights up and Bono clutches the girl to his chest like they were the only two people in a world that was coming to an end.

And I have never even seen them live...

So that's my story... And U2 and I lived happily ever after.

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badfic request

No, really, I'm looking for THAT ONE STORY, and maybe some of you would know where to find it. I'd succeeded in suppressing the memory of the entire ordeal, until a thread on Something Awful brought up bad fanfiction. This was the fic that had first come to mind.

There was an extravagantly hideous slash story about Adam and Bono in, I think, a ruined castle with angels. All I remember was run-on sentences, some shampoo that smelled like mango, and fluttery white curtains; I bailed out when Bono began to worry whether he had been impregnated. Someone else added a commentary in red text, tearing apart each atrocity and questioning if this was even a serious story.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? I can't find it on google. It would be great to get the link to it and laugh at it all over again. I'm so sorry if the author reads this post, but I do respect whoever it was who wrote it. I couldn't even begin to write something that crazy.
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Under Attack

U2 & Mary J Bilge!

Heard the song again this morning and took a bit more attention to it...

It is defiantly being promoted in the UK as the whole of U2 with Mary J Bilge ..... it was also announced as being on her album ...

And on second listen it does suck and is far too OTT diva'ish ... give me the original any day ...
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(no subject)

i just realized something pretty eerie.

when U2 performed during the Superbowl halftime in 2002, they played "Where the Streets Have No Name" -- that has lyrics "the city's aflood, and our love turns to rust..."

the Superbowl was in New Orleans.

i know it's just a vague coincidence, but still.

sorry if this has been mentioned already.