March 20th, 2006


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I know it's no about U2, but you are my friends? and I hope you could help me

Guys, please!

I need you help.
May be somebody have a scans of this magazine!
It's absolutly impossible to found it in Russia.
I heed to read this article!
It's very important for my book about Mike.

thank you/

Mexico Redux

I know this was brought up before, but I still don't quite know if there has been anything definitive said, so I'll ask. The Aztec Stadium shows were filmed, but were they filmed for a possible DVD release, or were they just practicing for the 3D cameras? Thoughts?

Song of Tomorrow

Feelin' generous...

Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (Alternate Version) from Unreleased/Rare

You have to imagine some songs, without the audience going crazy over them, are a bit overdone for our boys. "'Where the Streets Have No Name'? Not that bloody tune again!" But alas, we drool over the songs, it excites them, and they deliver time and time again. I often wonder how Bono can deliver songs like SYCMIOYO over and over again, while achieving such emotion each time. Some nights are more emotional than others, I'm sure, but he never lets us down.

This is certainly the inferior of two versions. Alas, 'tis why it was put on some crappy promotional digital release. It is entirely different from our beloved studio version. Edge's chiming guitar is gone until the choruses and the end of the song. And the chorus consists of "Sometimes you can't make it on your own..." The "and it's you when..."s were added later, and make the song, in my opinion.

Aside from the first verse, the rest is entirely different. Lyrically, it's up to par with the other version. But I think the older lyrics beat into us themes we've heard time and again in "Kite" and others, about never being good enough. I think Bono made a wise decision in leaving the living up to his father implied. Literally, it became a dedication, a plea. And while it's lyrically just as strong, Bono's voice is definitely in ATYCLB-mode. I imagine this version was recorded much closer to the time of Bob Hewson's funeral, than in the year winding down to the HTDAAB release. The climactic "sing" is there, but the "Can. You. Hear. Me. When. I." is gone. Even the "sing" is not that great of a note, and Bono sounds parched.

Whereas Yahweh was an alternate clear-cut version of what a song could have been, this one seems to be picked up off the cutting room floor and "eh, why not"ted onto the promotion. Edge blurts out two notes, that I hope were not intended to be on the release. The clear guitar is nixed, and we have a distorted array of chords and a synthed background that makes this sound straight out of Muzak.

While not very strong sonically, this one is interesting to keep around as a note of song development. How long this version lasted before dumping the middle verse, adding to the chorus, and changing guitars is unknown to me. It's interesting to wonder whether the released version came on a whim a week before deadlines, or if it was in the works and constantly morphing over the years.

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