March 29th, 2006

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A bit of a weak SOTD today, but I'm suffering from sleep deprivation (you know you've got a problem when you've stayed up well over 24 hours, and you STILL can't get any decent sleep >_<). But alas, I watched this DVD yesterday in order to pick the perfect song to do, and I shall do my best:

"Gone" from the Boston Elevation DVD

I hadn't watched this particular DVD in over six months, so simply watching it was very refreshing. As the Concert carried on, Kite nearly brought a tear to my eye, and Gone did. There's no denying that I love Pop, and there's also no denying that I love Gone. One need only look as far as my desktop to see that (I put lyrics from the song on my wallpaper).
This particular performance is very, very intense. Each member of the band is lit in a different colour. Bono is lit in (mostly) white light, Edge is lit in red, Adam in green, and Larry in blue. There are a lot of close up shots of Adam's hands, especially toward the beginning, which I like. It's a bass heavy song to begin from (it is from Pop, after all), but it seems even heavier in this performance. (However, keep an eye on the audience... See all those people that don't look excited? Those are people that didn't buy Pop ;P)
Gone is a song that does well live. Some songs are just better on the album. They lose some of their magic when performed live. Other songs gain magic, and some just turn an even keel. Gone gains something, and especially in this performance. Comparing this performance to the one on the PopMart Mexico video, I'd say this one is much more intense. Part of it is the lighting, on the PopMart video, they're all bathed in bright light, with the colourful screens behind them. On the Boston video, there's no backdrop, and they're practically playing in the dark. The music itself is much, much more intense, and Bono's vocals seem to be a bit more emotional as well.
But the one thing that makes this performance so much better is the ending. Rather than Bono's falsetto outtro, the song just explodes everywhere. Bono begins shouting, and the emotion in his voice is very apparent. Edge is playing the hell out of the song, they all are. Bono turns and kneels down in front of Larry to play (such as he did at the end of Exit on Rattle and Hum... maybe he just plays better that way). And then The Edge destroys his guitar.
Now, we must note, that this footage is from two different nights. The performance itself is from the second night (June 6th) in Boston, Edge's guitar-destruction moment is from the previous night (June 5th). You may be able to note that his guitar changes colours from black to a lighter colour (which looks red under the red light). But it fits wonderfully the way they've put it together. The perfect intense ending to a perfectly intense performance.

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YouSendIt MP3 download link

NEW copy, NEW link, because the copy of the song I uploaded the first time was sloooooow because my computer's on crack or something
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Burned by love

Have you ever?

Well then.

Today is both good and bad. The bad reasons: I have oodles and oodles of homework. An essay and a project is due also. Hah. I haven't even started any of it yet. You know why? U2 BABY!
(good reasons it's a good day) I've been listening to U2, watching the Vertigo DVD, and making u2 wallpapers, also searching for U2 pics to add to my collection, and reading some U2 fanfictions.

So basically I'm screwed. Because it's 7:35 pm.

I really should start my work now. Well... maybe after I listen to With or Without You. ^-^

So. On to my question. Have U2 ever taken up all your time and yet you had so many things to do?

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if you have a friend who doesn't know the music of u2 (it isnt possbile in my opinion), what is the ONE song you would play them to turn them into fans?

- i love u2, i love every album, every point of their carreers, if i had to chose one song to sum them up, for me it's always been one. i didnt want to pick a single, but honestly that is one if not the finest song ever written. it's all encompassing, i think we have all felt that way at some point, and for everyone i believe it can translate differently depending on that person's relationships. it's powerful, it's soft, it rocks, and i believe it will be always be revalent for the rest of time.
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