March 31st, 2006


From another lj concerning the Centennial Beckett Festival in Dublin (launched last night): "Because an event of this kind is not complete without Bono, the little fellow was there, in his rose-tinted wraparounds. He read a shouty poem with swearing in it, which was vastly preferable to a lecture on Beckett in his unctuous, ovine serious voice, so we were all delighted all over again." lolol, he is all but called a leprechaun! Would he mind? I think not. Most amusing!:)
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You know you need to go to sleep when...

Okay, so, for whatever reason, my mind wanders to this thought a few minutes ago:

U2 couldn't have existed in Roman Times. Besides the whole not having electricity thing, they couldn't have had their name. There was no letter "U" in Roman Latin, and they didn't have Arabic numerals. So, instead, they would have to be VII (as "V" was used for "U" and "II" is the Roman numeral for "2"). But then everyone would just think they were called "Seven" (as "VII" is the Roman numeral for 7), kind of like confusion of the name of the band in That Thing You Do!

If this isn't proof I should be committed, I don't know what is.
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Song Of The Day - Flashback Friday

Ooof. This is a hard one to take seriously for even the most diehard of fans.

Inside Out

is a mercifully short track (1:26), disjointed and desperately off-time. Larry sounds like he's about to break an arm trying to keep everyone in line and Edge is quite clearly on another planet or enjoying some other reality, one where he's fronting the Beatles covering The Byrds. I'm not even sure why they'd included this on the '78 demo tape; it's kind of frightening in just how bad the infant u2 could be.

Astonishingly, interpretations of the lyrics can be found all over the net. I don't know how much I agree with some of them -- anyone else wanna take a crack?

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Discuss, lemme know what you think... we now return you to 2006, when u2 lets us know when they're going to destroy something on stage beforehand!
[Boston, 12/04. Bono: "This may be crap..." :D]

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haha. listening to the show from Nice 8-3-05. During Bono's serious pre-One speech he calmly says..(paraphrasing) One of the most beautiful people to ever walk this earth in my opinion. A sexy motherfucker..Quincey Jones.

that just struck me as funny. Throwing in 'motherfucker' into his One speech. aaanyway. im so bored.

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the U2 news world is so slow lately. It makes life a little more boring. hehe. I hope Edge's daughter is ok.

to pass the time i have been having a Vertigo retrospective. Listening to all my Vertigo shows in order San Diego-Buenos Aires. 46 in all. Im halfway through. Its really something because you really can see and obviously hear the tour metamorphose(?)right before you. By the 3rd leg it doesnt even feel like the same tour. The energy and the feel to the tour totally changed into something bigger than itself. These are just the things that go through my head while listening to pretty much any album or show.
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