April 5th, 2006

Bono mofo

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I was sitting around sometime yesterday going "What song should I do for SOTD tomorrow?", when it hit me...

"Mofo (Matthew Roberts Explicit Remix)" from the Mofo Promo single

How is this mix different? It's over three minutes longer, the music is different, and there are some changed/added lyrics (most notably being Bono's actual use of the F word, oh noes!)
You know, whenever there are two versions of a single song, I tend to find that the ULTIMATE would be to combine the two. For example, Xanax and Wine vocals with Fast Cars music. Or in this case, the Explicit mix lyrics with the original Mofo music.

The song starts out with a minimal trance beat, immediately followed by a distorted, slowed electronic voice talking. Okay... By the 30 second mark, the voice stops, and the beat begins to build. Now you're in for nearly two minutes of solid, repetitive music. Not necessarily bad, but I'm into vocals, and it could probably stand to be about a minute shorter.
Speaking of which, the outtro is a minute and a half of similar solid beats. Again, this could stand to be shorter, but their similarity to the intro beats rounds out the track.
First, lemme just list the lyrical differences between the studio version and this mix:
Edge's backing vocals start directly in the first first, rather than the second.
In the second verse, Bono mixes up the lyrics of the second line into the first one, making it sound a bit repetitive. No idea why he did that, and it bothers me slightly.
The chorus is completely changed to trancy repetitions of "Mother, mother sucking rock and roll, mother, mother fucking rock and roll" and "Giving your soul for gold"
The third line of the third verse is changed to "Bass suit, bug shades, blue boogie motorcade".
The "Show me, mother" outtro is completely gone.
The last three and a half minutes of this song are completely different than the studio version. As said above, the original outtro is gone. Instead we get several repetitions of the new repetitive chorus. The best part of which, I'd have to say is the "Mother fucking rock and fucking roll" breakdown at the 5:49 mark. (Fun memory associated to that part. I was playing the song for my mother, who wasn't really paying attention, but when it got to that part, she looked up at me and said "This is U2?!" Like OMG, Bono said the F word =O). The final outtro is a repeat of "Mother fucking rock and fucking roll"
I'd have to say, that, as much as I love hearing Bono use the F word, I really, really, miss the original music. Especially Edge's jet-engine guitar.

For fun, I'll just add that I have another memory associated with this song. The "video" for Mofo on the Best of 1990-2000 DVD uses the Punk Phorce Mix of Mofo, which is quite similar. When I was first getting into U2, I knew nothing of Pop or PopMart. I had the DVD before I even had any U2 CDs, and Mofo was one of the first videos on it that I watched (because I looked at the back of it and went "Whoa, a song called 'Mofo'? Neat!"). I watched the video (a mass of PopMart footage edited together with the song. Let's just say... I was freaked out a bit. I couldn't understand the lyrics, the trance beats freaked me out, I wondererd what had happened to Bono's hair, and the entire PopMart set (costumes included) blew me away. How naive I was. Pop is now my favourite U2 album (and tour!)

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I've stumbled across random U2 forums and discussions about this, but I wanted to ask this question directly.

What do you, honestly, think of the Hanson cover of In A Little While?

I'll admit, I'm not ashamed to, that I'm a Hanson fan. I wasn't one of those squealing 12 year olds back when Hanson were really huge though. I became a fan in 2004, when I was 18. I've been a U2 fan much, much longer. Some U2 fans seem to be willing to give it a listen, while others just pass it off as crap, solely because it is Hanson doing the cover.

I personally, am not quiet sold on the cover. I think alot of (Hanson) fans make it seem better than it really is. It's a great effort on Hanson's part, yet it's missing that certain element.

So have you heard it? Do you want to hear it? Is this the first time you've heard about Hanson covering U2? Did you know Bono is a Hanson fan? Would you not listen to it because it was Hanson doing the cover? Or would you not listen to it because you don't think anyone should cover U2? Did you hear it and like it? Did you hear it and hate it?

I'm sorry that this post is rather scattered. Hehehe.
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A Special Treat

Tada! The savefile project is complete! 30 poems for the 30 days of National Poetry Month! Due to the smallness of my audio poetry library, all artists are American and Irish. Included is Bono's Beckett patiche, a poem in Irish, and one of my own. Hope you find your favorite poet, and enjoy the richness as much as I do! http://www.savefile.com/projects/195388
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