April 10th, 2006



Heh - I was listening to Mofo through headphones earlier, and I caught something I'd *never* noticed before. Just before the first round of "Mother... mother... mother", I thought I heard a random male voice shout something in the left channel, and when I listened again I could clearly hear him say "Happy, Bono?" :)

This has probably been well documented on one of those U2 hidden messages sites (that I can no longer seem to find...), but I was quite amused to suddenly pick up on that anyway!  I don't normally hear these little bits of background speech unless I've already read about them somewhere.
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Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts

I wondered if any of you were interested in knowing about this documentary In The Sun. It came out on sundance film channel about a week ago and the website www.sundancechannel.com/inthesun now give the 41 minute version of it. To give you a little overview, I guess Michael Stipe along with Chris Martin and other musicians, got together and re-made a version of joseph arthurs song In The Sun which they have released on itunes. all the proceeds go to relief efforts for the hurricane katrina victims! Check it out and let me know what you all thought of it!

Bono ♥'s The Zutons

Small random thing I came across:

It's not every band that is presented with a bottle of champagne by the mighty U2 - accompanied by a note, handwritten by frontman Bono.

But that's exactly what happened to Liverpool pop-rockets The Zutons.

"We supported U2 and, although we didn't get to meet the band, Bono sent us champagne and a little poem which went along the lines of 'The Zutons are the best band to listen to before we go on stage'," reveals singer David McCabe.

"Unfortunately, the rest of my band got to the champagne before I did so all I saw was the empty bottle!"