April 12th, 2006


A while back I bought the string tribute to U2.  I adored it, probably moreso because I used to play string instruments in school.  I've been searching for a good deal for the piano tribute, because I love me some piano music as well.  I think I shall finally give up and go purchase it on eBay shortly here.  But today I finally listened to the Dub tribute.  My iTunes classifies it as reggae.... but I dunno.  It's really interesting.  Different takes on U2.  And you figure with a dub tribute (which would be electronic), they'd pick songs like Numb, HMTMKMKM, anything off Zooropa, Discothque.  But no my friends, they cover Bad, ISHFWILF, and Please, as well... good stuff.  I think Please would have to be my favorite track.  And it tops it off with something called the "Edgeworker"... which I imagine is some sort of personal tribute to Edge, but I don't get it yet.  Anyone else heard this stuff??   Maybe I'll have to invest in the bluegrass tribute next. :-)

Track Listing:
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
New Year's Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

Hmm, and while searching around U2wanderer.org for your linkses, I notice the dub and piano tributes aren't even mentioned.  But there is a second string, and second bluegrass tribute. :-) 
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What with the upcoming DVD release, and the fact that this song has never been covered as a Song of the Day, I felt it was all too appropriate that I cover it:

"Night and Day" from the Red Hot and Blue album

Originally by Cole Porter, this song was covered by U2 in 1990 for the Red Hot and Blue album, a tribute to Cole Porter, which featured various artists, with proceeds going to AIDS research.
I haven't been a U2 fan all that long, and the first version of this song I heard was actually John Barrowman and Kevin Kline singing it in the movie-musical, De-Lovely, a Cole Porter biopic. It wasn't until a few days after seeing the movie with my brother, that he asked me "Did you know that U2 covered one of the Cole Porter songs in that movie?" And well, I naturally preferred the U2 version ;P

This song is truly an Achtung Baby preview. It's dark, and Bono is singing in his Fly voice. It must've been pretty strange to have been a U2 fan at the time. The Joshua Tree and LoveTown tours are over, and you're just waiting to see what the band is going to do next... and then Night and Day is released. Must've been a bit of a shock. Night and Day is actually darker in feel than most of Achtung Baby, musically though, it reminiscent of The Fly, Zoo Station, and even Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car.
Even if you were to remove Bono's vocals, there's something very ominous feeling about the music itself. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, either.
A video was also recorded for the original Red Hot and Blue VHS video release (and directed by Wim Wenders), and will be included on the forthcoming DVD rerelease (see above link). The video, like the song is rather dark, and can be viewed here on YouTube.
The video itself is something of an anomaly itself. Here we have U2 still with their late 80s look (Bono's suspenders, Edge's bandana), but their early 90s sound. Not a bad video though (except the part with the razor blade, which freaks me out). Bono sort of reminds me of Michael Hutchence in this video, hmm.

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