April 13th, 2006


We have already had the posts on "essential" U2. What our opinions are, the ideal introduction CD for non-fans, etc. etc. etc. Today I stumbled upon iTunes U2 essentials. They have 25 "basics", 25 "next steps", and 25 "deep cuts". Basically the first consists of singles, the last of tracks a non-fan couldn't name. Relisted here, for your blogging pleasure....

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I was really hoping the responses wouldn't be about what is missing, for that list endless. More about shifting, or what doesn't belong on these lists (in our humble opinions). I detest "Party Girl", I'm sorry. ;-) Like I mentioned, I adore the fact that Wire is on the list, but would probably list it as a deep cut. Same with UTEOTW, maybe a next step, it wasn't that big of a song in the Achtung Baby heyday was it? I did not know such a version of "Velvet Dress" existed. But it seems to be popular among the crowd, and the 30-second blurb was nice. I may have to purchase that one. I'm not sure I care for the repeat of "All Because of You" within the list. Is the live version that much different from the studio track? (Is the song really that worthy to begin with?) One commenter mentioned a dislike in "Vertigo". I'm not sure these essentials list are meant to be "best of" compilations, but more like "to get a grasp of this band, listen to these tracks." It takes a little from here, a little from there. Like it or not, Vertigo was the hit first single from the latest album, spawned a new breed of iTunes commercials, had a helluva lot to do with the first "designer" iPod. So while it isn't teh best song evah, I do believe it belongs on the list. I would bump "Out of Control" up to the basics list, as it is one of five songs Bono claims is their first single. So I would probably throw in "I Will Follow" as well, and ditch the live version under deep cuts.