April 14th, 2006


Chat Room

Out of curiosity... does anybody ever use the U2 community chat room?  I pop in occasionally when I think of it, but it always seems to be empty.

Maybe we should attempt a scheduled chat session sometime. If everybody logged in with their LJ usernames, it would be easy to tell who was who. Could be fun?

(I believe you need to have Java installed for it to work, btw.)

EDIT: Since I appear to have missed all the fun last night, I hereby declare all of Friday night to be Chat Night. :P
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Newest Attraction at Episcopal Service: U2

Newest Attraction at Episcopal Service: U2


From Netscape.com

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - As the electric guitar in the U2 anthem ``Pride (In the Name of Love)'' faded from four speakers, the Rev. Robert Brooks welcomed worshippers to Grace Episcopal Church with an unusual suggestion: He warned them to protect their hearing.

``If the sound's an issue, we do have earplugs available,'' he said.

Ushers handed out earplugs and fluorescent glow sticks for the ``U2 Eucharist,'' a communion service punctuated by the Irish rock band's music. Episcopal parishes from California to Maine have hosted similar events, weaving U2's tunes - laced with biblical references - into the liturgy.

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Song of the day - Friday Flashback!

heyhey! having some trouble concentrating today thanks to the radio break release of AFI's new single last night, forgive me.
It occurs to me, I really need to go back and see what I've posted from the 1978 Demo so far and what's left....

Welp.. For some reason I have this this labeled as "Magic Carpet", but it's also well known as

Lost On A Distant (silent?) Planet

There's those damn "Neoow, neooow neoow!"s again... XD

The kids have today off from school so my daughter has friends over... no pontificating from me today... i can hear the sighs of relief from here...
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