April 16th, 2006

Did I ask too much?

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Slight assurance needed.

I'll be 21 next month, and was planning on treating myself to a UK import of the Boy album (so I can get Peter Rowan on the cover). As I'm in the U.S., I was planning to purchase it through Amazon.co.uk, but something struck me as strange.

I was looking over the page for the CD, I noticed that the tracklisting was incorrect. I Will Follow is listed as the final track, and Into The Heart is completely missing.
Surely this is just a mistake on the webpage, but before I go and pay way too much for shipping, I'd like a bit of reassurance that if I buy the CD, I'll be getting all of the songs, in the correct order. I know that the UK version has a different division point between An Cat Dubh and Into The Heart, but that should be the only difference (other than the cover art). And surely Amazon.co.uk isn't just distributing some sort of rearranged version of the album.

So yea, assure my paranoid self that if I buy it, I'll be getting what I'm paying for.
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Interesting thought

Okay, I've been studying for finals too much, but I had this general thought about the albums since 1990:

The albums with short titles have the most complex sounds: Achtung Baby, Zooropa and Pop

While the albums with long titles seem to have a more 'back to basics' sound: All That You Can't Leave Behind and How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb.

Like I said, I've been studying too much: my brain is officially experiencing meltdown.
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