April 19th, 2006

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Okay, it's like 4 AM, and I'm still up for some reason, so I might as well stay up a little longer and get the SOTD post out of the way, right?

"Bullet the Blue Sky" from the Boston Elevation DVD

Very powerful performance. We start out with The Blind Boys of Mississippi singing Let's Have Church. Added to this is footage of Charlton Heston talking about guns. This disperses into a bunch of fast cycling gun-crime related media footage. And then footage of a small girl finding a gun.
Then the song starts with a nice Larry cymbal tapping, and a crash into a nice heavy Edge-riff. The stage is engulfed in red light. Bono comes back out, and opens his jacket, revealing the American flag lining. The look on Bono's face is intense. He looks tough, like he's pissed off and ready to start kicking some ass.
May I just state that I LOVE this version of Bullet? It transcends the album version, and is my favourite of the live versions I've heard (then again, I don't listen to bootlegs often, so I haven't heard 40 million boots of every song =P). This song, whether with the video or just the audio alone, it gives me chills. Chills from Larry's crashing drumwork, Adam's thudding bass, Edge's haunting guitar, and Bono's powerful performance.
Halfway through the song, Bono takes a walk along the heart with one arm slung over his eyes (it's a wonder he didn't fall off!) and a spotlight in hand. The screens return to their former media barrage, and Edge delivers his solo.
When Bono reaches the tip of the heart, he turns on the spotlight (and I love the way the others pause the music for just a moment as he does), and the song takes on an even more intense life. Bono still looks like he wants to kick some ass, and he delivers the spoken verse with a slight change in lyrics, "Slapping them down, right there in the Wal-Mart".
Larry and Adam carry the rhythm on as it was during the verses, and Edge makes some chilling noises with his guitar, while Bono, rather than delivering the usual ending of the song, invokes a spirit of rage. In fact, he seems to have invoked the spirit of Mark Chapman (the man who shot John Lennon). He goes on to list some statistics about gun-death rates in America (and my, it touches me the way his voice almost warbles when he sais "twenty years"). He ends, screaming Mark Chapman's name and shining the light at the side of his own head, before shutting it off with a jerk (as though it were a gun, and he'd just shot himself).
Overall, incredibly intense and chilling. This song deserves to have some rage tied in with it.

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Moz Gets One Up On U2

From Teletext today...


Morrissey mocked U2 on the first night of his tour, after One beat How Soon Is Now in VH1's best lyric poll.

"Bono did better than me," Morrissey said. "He's really nice, but REALLY?"

Introducing The Youngest Was The Most Loved at Salford Lowry, Moz said: "Radio 1 won't play this. Their head of music says I was born in 1959 and they don't go further back than 1971. That doesn't apply to U2 or Madonna."

LOL. :)