April 20th, 2006

The Doctor 4

Song Request if allowed...

Hi all! ive been sort of lurking here for a while and i had a request of sorts...does anyone out there have a copy of "Your Blue Room" that they could yousend perhaps? i am a huge fan of Adam and i have heard a lot about that song but have never heard it...if this post is not allowed im sorry...just curious...
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Should we abandon Song of the Day?

Poll #714076 Should we abandon Song of the Day?

Should we abandon Song of the Day?

Yes, I'm sick of it.
No, let's keep it.

EDIT: If your answer would be other, please post and say what answer you would prefer. I assumed you'd either be sick of it or want to keep it, but if not, please do post what you think. I don't mean to offend anyone, but I personally have not found Song of the Day to be interesting in a while, so I'm just wondering how the rest of you feel.

About SOTD...

Just to say, I haven't abandoned Song of the Day! I realise this is the 3rd Thursday in a row I haven't posted, which is bad, but the first time I wasn't able to and then last week I was off to Dublin and today I'm just back from Dublin yesterday and have nothing sorted out for it, lol! I'm sorry. Normal service will resume next week, fangirlishness and all. ;)

Just to eke this post out, while I was in Dublin I sang along to many a U2 song played in restaurants etc and there was an article about Adam in the Irish Independent. If anyone's interested, let me know and I can post it at a later date. :)

Hope y'all are well!