May 3rd, 2006

Bono facepalm

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Okay, the Boston DVD must be like, my favourite full-length U2 video or something, because I almost chose yet another performance from it for SOTD. I decided to restrain myself, however, and chose a song from elsewhere.

"Elevation" from the Live from Chicago DVD

I was watching this a couple of weeks ago, and having a nice time laughing at Bono during it. Now, don't get me wrong, I love and admire the man, but he's also a bit of a goofball and easy to make fun of. But in this performance, he's having trouble with his voice, which shouldn't be as laughable as him doing something ridiculous and goofy on purpose, and yet I laugh. I am a terrible person XD
I won't spend half of this write-up complaining about Hamish Hamilton's spastic shots, but I will say, I'm glad this imperfect performance of Elevation was used in the final cut, rather than shelving it and using a (probably) more perfect performance from the other night of filming. I like imperfections in concert videos. It helps relay that live feel, because when you actually do go see a show, it is live, and anything could happen. Another prime example of imperfections in the final-cut of concert releases would be Desire from the PopMart Mexico DVD. First he forgets the words, then he tries to sing La Bamba instead, finally he gives up completely and stops the song, laughing. It's great.
Anyway, I'll stop babbling and get to the song. I'm really not a fan of Elevation being performed this way. The first half of the song becomes an audience sing-along with barely any music, just those repetitive few notes. Bono's having trouble singing from the get-go, it's first notable when he seems to completely choke on the word "corner".
And now we get to the first chorus. Elevation is one of those rare songs where Larry sings. At least, I can see him singing during the chorus, but I can't really hear him at all. Edge is singing too, and gets the "excavation"s all to himself. The audience gets the "elevation"s. Adam just gets to stand there a little longer, looking pretty.
Finally, after all of that, the song really begins, and Adam and Larry finally get to play. After the next verse and chorus, Bono does some whoo-hoos, then steps away, letting the audience handle the rest. He goes for a drink of water, presumably to sooth his throat. And then... he doesn't quite get back to the microphone in time for the middle eight. This is the part I laugh at. Bono quickly dropping the water and running back to the microphone. Realizing what he's done, he stands at the microphine half smiling, and then starts coughing. He manages the final two lines of the middle eight, and then the best part of the performance happens: "Help me. I got a frog in my throat." I love that man to pieces XD
And then one more chorus, ending with a nice round "EL EH VAY SHUUUUUUUUUUN!" and The Edge explodes. Talk about some mean, powerful guitar playing. Edge is reminding us why the electric guitar was invented. Bono knows he totally can't compete, so he lets the audience handle the rest of the whoo-hoos (or you know, it could be his throat again =P)

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U2 Typeface Question

I'm putting together a porfolio for my Creative Writing class and wanted to do a take-off of the two Best of album covers. Unfortunately, I can't seem to figure out what font they used!

Would anyone just so happen to know the typeface?
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Disregard The Comment for SOTD

I wanted to know what the rest of the community thinks of the Vertigo 2005 DVD from Chicago, in a post related to the SOTD. I've been sort of eyeing it at Best Buy for like six months, deciding to buy it then avoiding buying it. I like the some of the camerawork and the performances are pretty solid. It seemed to lessen in quality with the ballads, but being in a huge arena like that, sometimes that's a detriment to any band. Even one as great as U2. But I didn't watch enough of it to get a full impression. So I need your guys' help...