May 12th, 2006


Paul McGuinness

I was looking through the letters to the editor 'The Economist' received for the article titled 'Not-so-golden oldies,' when this one jumped at me:

SIR – Musicians and artists have a paramount interest in their recordings even when the copyright term expires in Europe after 50 years (“Not-so-golden oldies”, January 8th). They create the work and give expression to the dreams, aspirations and realities of a generation, both for those listening today and those who will listen in a hundred years' time. They should be entitled to retain their copyright for at least as long as they live, and to pass it to their heirs, just like any other asset that they own. Currently in Europe, recording artists, unlike other artists, may typically lose the rights to their creation within their lifetimes and with those rights will be lost all control over how that creation is altered, packaged and sold.
Paul McGuinness
Manager, U2

I do believe he was the only person in the music industry to respond to the magazine. The band he represents also received mention in the article. I guess he has his work to do, 'Boy' goes public domain in 24 years.
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zuko here, avatar - hello

baby, don't cry-

Just had a thought, thanks to the combination of leafing through the old Bono Rolling Stone interview and my edgyPod just shuffling to the song- to my knowledge, Electrical Storm has never been played live. I could be wrong, but I don't remember it being part of the main sets last year or hearing about any "wow, you had to see that!" performances or anything.

And if this is the case- does anyone know why? Because Bono actually listed it, along with Stay and UTEOTW and some others, as one of his favorite U2 songs, which sort of confused me. Before reading that, I'd just assumed that the band maybe hadn't liked it much in the long run and thus hadn't wanted to tour with it. But Bono must like it, then?

So far, my theories are that, either the rest of the band doesn't care for it much, they thought it didn't fit in with the rest of HTDAAB or into the set in general, or they couldn't play it without imagining Larry making out with the Samantha mermaid, which posed problems for timing and stuff. But does anyone actually know?
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Twitchy Winky

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I am the product of today's youth. I lack in morals. Today is case in point. 4th period, Music of the 20th Centuary.  My teacher is out and we have a sub. Well my teacher owns piles and piles of over 20 year old Rolling Stones, Spin, Guitar Magazine, etc. Well there is nothing to do, and so i go and pick through the piles looking for some great nostalgia. Around my second or third trip to the stack i see a white peice of thick glossy paper. I ponder "What is this" I pick it up and turn it over. I found a wonderful U2 photo just thrown in near the bottom of the pile! I think "this must be a sign from God!" So i naturally take it back to my desk, hold it and look at it for a second or 2, and put it in my binder for safe keeping. My figuring is ,while,yes it is stealing,  my teacher won 't notice it missing. I don't even think he knew he had. I would treat this wonderful photo 10,000 times better. So in short, i am going to hell.

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Conan and Max - Such Chemistry! by black

Conan O'Brien Repeat

On Monday, May 22nd, the all-U2 episode of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" will repeat.

Bono will get mono from Alyssa Milano.... the Edge will clip a hedge with Sister Sledge... Adam Clayton will worship Satan in Dayton.... and Larry Mullen Jr. will be impossible to rhyme with. ;)

Keep cool mah babies!