May 31st, 2006

Kick the darkness

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Okay, so I missed last Wednesday, oops. Hopefully you'll forgive me =P Today's Song of the Day is:

"God Part II" from Rattle and Hum

This song... like Night and Day is one of those bridging-the-gap songs between the 80s and 90s. This song is dark and gritty and different. It's woven together by a dominant bassline, crystal guitar riffs, emotional vocals, and powerful drumbeats.
Let's start with the title. "God Part II", well where's God Part I?! John Lennon wrote it in 1970, simply titled "God", you can find the lyrics here. Bono's version is a sort of sequel/response to the original. Whereas John Lennon rattles off a number of things (mainly widely idolized things, including dieties, and The Beatles) which he doesn't believe in, ending with that he simply believes in himself and Yoko (their love), Bono rattles off a number of contradictory lyrics, ending with "I believe in love" (God's love).
I adore the lyrics, this is a song full of contradictory statements and hypocrisy. This song is like... a preview of The Fly (the song, and the persona). Look at the lyrics side by side and see the similarities. Both songs are full of statements and truths, and while God Part II really doesn't have a chorus, every verse is capped with the same point: Love. A point which also comes across the lightwalls during The Fly on the Vertigo tour.
I'm going to get into the psychology of the song and tell you this. The song is from the point of view of a hypocrite. He lists all of these things he doesn't believe in, and yet he's knee-deep in them. Somehow he sees himself as exempt from his own ideals of society. I think everybody can say they've met someone like that.
The next part gets to go under a cut, for the sake of saving the length of everyone's Friends page. Basically, I'm picking apart some of my favourite lines, and interpreting them:

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Now onto the song itself. We start out with that dominant bassline, and... is that a drum machine? Sounds like it to me. Bono kicks in after 8 seconds, and we hear nothing from Edge until a breif jangly guitar sound at 50 seconds into the song. The real drums kick in at 0:57, and then Edge dives in (he was just testing the water the first time) at the 1 minute mark.
Now that the music has finally come together, Bono begins shouting. Bono is good at shouting, though he (thankfully?) doesn't do it that often in songs. At 1:42 we get Bono shouting "Love!" a few times (and when I listen to it, I always picture Bono running back and forth on the stage as he sings it, as he did during the God Part II performance on the Australian Lovetown TV special,), and I love the five guitar notes which follow every shout of "Love!".
Immediately following this, we get one of the sexier moments during the song. Not quite sure what's going on here, because it's all distorted, but Bono appears to be moaning, and I'm not going to complain about that. This (and Bono's striptease during the first part of the song on the Lovetown special, see above link), is further evidence that this is a bridging-the-gap song. U2 were sexy in the 90s, and they were sexy in this song as well.

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