June 2nd, 2006


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Because we're starved for U2 news, and because it's just plain awesome, this oughta be posted here.

What does ESPN use for it's headline when a German basketball player wins a game for the Dallas Mavericks?

Achtung, Baby!

It can be seen at the ESPN frontpage here, at least until it gets replaced by a newer headline. And for when that happens, have a screenshot:

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My own hand!

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'Ello again...

Ok, just a wee niggle: I was reading up about Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses on songfacts.com, and it was mentioned that it was about an affair that "an un-named member of the band" had while on tour. Someone even went ahead and said it was about an affair between Bono and Winona Ryder...hmmm.

Would any of you be able to tell me anything more about this affair, if you know anything? Is there any truth in the Bono/Winona rumour? Have there been any infidelties at all within Ali and Bono's marriage, or in any of the band relationships?

If it were in fact true, does your respect for the band decrease in any way?

Can anyone here put my mind at rest?
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