June 9th, 2006

shake it salome

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So...I was watching the MTV movie awards last night (I watched the whole thing just to see AFI perform...I wouldn't have watched it had it not been for them), and on one of the commercials, they advertised a new Celebrity Deathmatch featuring:

Bono and Chris Martin.

I normally don't take to Celebrity Deathmatch, but, every once in a while, if it's two people that, in real life, I would love to see go at it, I'll watch it. I may just watch this one.

Would anyone else watch it? Would anyone want to see these two go at it in real life?
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a SYCMIOYO parody that's actually amusing!

I think that some U2 songs should never be touched again by other artists. When I watched the band perform Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own on SNL right before the album came out, I thought to m'self, "THIS is one of those songs." When I finally got my grubby paws on HTDAAB, I realized that I couldn't sing the chorus to the song -- not because part of it's falsetto, I can fake it; but because of the history and emotion I see wrapped up in it -- and couldn't for the life of me figure out how Bono planned to sing it on tour either... the content is just so tough.

But I'm going to renege SLIGHTLY on my point: I've found an exception, a parody that works!
This is listed on u2log.com's "Departures" at the moment... it's a tribute to Samuel L. Jackson (to the tune of SYCMIOYO) that made me laugh, groan out an "ohhhh goshhhh..." and, well, write up this entry. It's pretty silly! (Be warned, though: there are some unnecessary expletives in the second verse.)

Enjoy, folks!