June 16th, 2006

[conan] - HP

since it's a slow month for U2 business

I've been wikipediaing it up for about 2 hours now and I'm just getting deeper and deeper into the hole.

This part in particular stood out for me from "Until The End Of The World":
    The introduction also somewhat confirms this songs relation to Jesus and Judas. 4 seconds in you can hear the sound of nails being hammered into the crucifix, this lasts for 4 seconds until the opening drum beats. It is however very faint, and only audible with the use of headphones, and predominantly comes from the left speaker.

I nearly lost my hearing trying to listen to it, but there it was. A distinct hammering noise for about 4 seconds underneath Edge's guitar.
Check it out!
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From Russia with ...hope

Dear friends!
I need your help!
my name is Alina, i'm from St.-Petersbourg, Russia.
this autumn i have a chance to realize my biggest dream and go to Dublin!
but for the people of my country it's no to easy to get a vise to Ireland,
for it I need a formal invitation from somebody in Ireland.
I have to say, what it's just a bit of paper, a man who wrote it is not obliged to do something else,
we need just a paper..... so please! if someone irish sweetheart could help to 2 russians, it would be GREAT!!! russians souvenirs from us! ;D

sweet bono with his friend for you: