June 24th, 2006


Keane vs U2

I love Keane's new single, "Is it Any Wonder."  I was listening to it on my iPod and it occured to me..

It sounds awfully similar to "Even Better Than the Real Thing," particularly in the opening techno-guitar riff.  Now, I heard the lead singer say at one of the Vertigo gigs (they were the opening act for the MSG October shows) that "Achtung Baby" was their biggest influence.  Maybe it was done unconsciously, or is it a a little tribute/rip-off?


Quiz question

Heh - my Dad just got back from this mini cruise thing, and he was telling us about a quiz they won. Apparently there was a music round where they'd give you the name of a band member and you had to name the lead singer of the same band. Modern music is definitely not one of Dad's strong points, so they couldn't answer any of the questions in that round - except one, which was the lead singer of the band Larry Mullen is in!  He wouldn't have known it if it weren't for me being a fan... and it turned out to be the single point they needed to win the quiz. I'm so proud! :D
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