June 25th, 2006

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U2 Grab Bag

~I work for Barnes & Noble, and I found out yesterday that U2: Show by Diana Scrimgeour is in the Bargain Section. We're selling it for $9.98 for a limited time, for those interested. I already own it, and $10 is a really good deal, if you ask me.
~My friend Terry and I ducked out of the rain and into a movie theatre yesterday afternoon. We ended up seeing the new Adam Sandler movie Click. Typical Adam Sandler silliness, but I was quite happy to hear "Ultraviolet (Light My Way)" near the end. I was bopping in my seat singing along.
~I went bowling tonight with a group of friends when the video for "All Because of You" came on the screens. I managed to get a spare in that frame, so I decided U2 inspired me to do so.

Ah, it's all the little things that tell you you're really in love, doesn't it? ;)
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U2 - Boston

True Hollywood Story - Naomi Campbell

Not sure if this has been posted before (or if this is even an "appropriate" place to post this), but just thought I'd make mention of it.

I was flipping through the channels earlier this morning and caught a promo on E! for an episode of True Hollywood Story featuring Naomi Campbell.

I imagine they will make some sort of mention of Adam in it, so this is just a heads up for those interested. Granted, you'll have to endure an hour of icky Naomi-ness in exchange for a nanosecond or quick mention of her engagement to our beloved Addy. *shrugs* Ah well, it's worth it ;o)

It premieres tonight, Sunday June 25th @ 8pm/7pm CST.
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Hi there! Just recently joined the live journal family! But not new to U2!! Anyone else looking forward to the release of U2s Zoo TV live in Sydney dvd? I'm looking forward to seeing what these bonus tracks are about!!!