June 28th, 2006

On the life and death of U2 songs...

This started as a personal LJ post. But I'm changing it. It's going to be a U2-comm post, or a cross-post anyway. (But you've already figured that out, eh?) It can sorta be like my Song of the Day, or yesterday, and multiple songs actually. It's deeply personal, and involves treatments of both "With Or Without You" and "One". So maybe you'll skip them, 'cause they are over-done. But maybe you'll read, to see an entirely personal spin on a song that means something else to you.

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X-posted (excerpted really) from my journal
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Pink Me

Super mega-sized SOTD!

Can you guys guess what my favourite U2 DVD is yet? I feel like it won't be long before I've covered every freaking song on it as a SOTD. Today is no exception, today I'm doing three (which is really two, but whatever).

"Bad/"40"/Streets" from the Elevation Boston DVD

What a combination! Note that "40" is not played in it's entirety at all, but rather just several repetitions of "How long to sing this song?" as the music slips easily from the outtro of Bad into the intro of Streets. But it's the perfect segue, and the two songs wouldn't be complete without that tiny bit of "40" bridging them together.

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Bono on American Morning tomorrow

Don't know if this has been posted yet, but Bono will be on American Morning tomorrow on CNN (starts at 6am EST, I think) talking about 1 year post-Live 8 and if the aid has reached Africa, etc.

Figures it's when I'm on business travel and no one at home can figure out my freakin' VCR...