June 30th, 2006

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Showdown Friday

I hope no one minds these posts.
Remember to consider all things when voting in this poll. Yes, Zoo TV had Macphisto and MirrorBall man, but Popmart had Pop!

Poll #759481 The better show

Which was the better show?


Pick. >:(
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You GOTTA Listen To This!!

Rattlebag on RTE: a whole show devoted to blogging. Pitfalls, uses, things to enjoy. Mentions MySpace, Flickr, Metroblogging Dublin, and other Irish blogs. Essentailly this is a very useful show for anyone who blogs or is considering blogging. Several references to U2, including this bit: "I'm addicted to U2.com..... go to- oh, no! For God's sake, don't go to U2.com! You'll be there for HOURS!!" lolololololololoololoololol Too true, wouldn't you say? Also includes George Bush singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as posted on U2.com. Really, you NEED to hear this! And enjoy! ;)

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