July 1st, 2006

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I went and saw "The Devil Wears Prada" today with a friend of mine, and got a huge suprise when "City Of Blinding Lights" started playing during it.

What are some other movies that U2 songs have been in, besides the obvious (example: Million Dollar Hotel, The Gangs Of New York, Batman Forever, etc.)? And, would you go see a movie just because it had a U2 song in it? I know I would...
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Bono facepalm

YouTube fun!

Okay, upon my extreme boredom, I was searching YouTube for random music videos from the 80s. One of the ones I looked up was We Didn't Start The Fire by Billy Joel.

Now, there's more on that later, but first a U2 related memory with that song:

Friend: I'm listening to We Didn't Start the Fire! Did you know they mention U2 in that song?!
Me: Ummm... he meant the spy plane...

Anyway, in the search results I saw that there were several different image videos people had made to go with the song (some of them were for school projects), so I decided to watch the first one listed, just out of curiousity. It consisted of photos of all the people/events/things mentioned, shown in time with the song. And when it got to the U-2 part... a picture of U2.
I decided to check some of the other videos, and most of them had our Irish boys. Maybe I give people too much credit, but the song goes chronologically, if our U2 had been in it at all, they'd have been at the very end.
Anyway, I got a pleasant surprise during the very last video I watched. This particular video had a bunch of jokes and comments thrown in with the images, and I was very, very amused when I got to the U-2 part and saw this:

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Maybe I'm easily amused, maybe I just like making fun of Bono, but that really, really cracked me up.
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Hiya all... I'm appealing to those out there who know how to play guitar and bass or trying to learn like me. I'd really like to start out learning some of the easier basslines and riffs of U2's. I know the bassline for With or Without You (cos it's obviously the easiest thing ever) and the opening riff for Miracle Drug. I'd just like suggestions on which U2 songs to start with, ESPECIALLY if they don't require wanky tuning like I know Edge tends to do. Thanks loads! :D

Zooropa live

I remember this being discussed at one point or another, but I can't for the life of me locate the damn post, so I thought I would ask.

Why did U2 only perform the second half (or third third, if you look at the song that way) of the song live and not the entire thing?