July 5th, 2006


Shear class!

It's not what you expect from the man celebrated as one of Britain's more straight-laced football players.It is alleged he once celebrated winning the Premiership with Blackburn by creosoting his garden fence. But Alan Shearer has finally let his hair down. A video of him wildly singing the U2 hit Elevation is doing the rounds on the internet.
The footage, taken by his daughter Chloe before the World Cup, shows the Newcastle and England striker driving while howling away to the song.

See the video here! LOL!!

Can you imagine being around that household at the moment?! :-D What's the bet Gary Lineker takes the piss on MOTD tonight!
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Beautiful day!!!

hey everyone!

today its 5th of july. right one year ago I saw U2 live for tha first time in my life! it was AWESOME, me dream was realised and I cant forget that day.

I'm sure you know I mean, actually I have no idea what you must replay to me after this message, 
but I just wanna selebrate my little holiday with you :) *hugs*

a picture for you:


Wheel! Of! Fortune!

Random U2-ness of the day:

So I was watching Wheel Of Fortune with my hip parents tonight. Every time I watch, I geekily hope they'll have a U2-related puzzle. And today was the day! The puzzle was "ROCK STAR & HUMANITARIAN BONO". It was a prize puzzle too, so the contestant won a trip to Ireland.

Then my mum asks, "Is Bono from Ireland?" ... "What's his first name?" - to which I reply with "Yeah, he's Irish. His first name's Paul." So she says "Paul Bono?" My response: facepalm.