July 23rd, 2006

Evil Me

Song Of The Day

What's this... could it be? An album track that hasn't yet been featured in Song Of The Day? OK, so it's a live track, but it's from an album just the same...

All Along The Watchtower

Appearing on Rattle & Hum (and in the film itself), this rockin' Dylan cover was performed at a spontaneous free outdoor concert in San Francisco during the Joshua Tree tour. Energetic, passionate and - in my opinion - highly underrated!

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U2 WAP-site

Hello everyone!

A couple days ago I opened a WAP-site dedicated to U2 - http://wap.andU2.com

Because of short duration of functioning the site isn't filled enough with content, but it contains some midis and jpg pictures anyway. :)

I'll be glad, if you leave some comments about the site. :)
You can find a small instruction how to visit the WAP-site at andu2.com.

As some of you probably guess (due to my curve speech), I'm not from English-speaking country, that is why I'm looking for an assistant from Eng-speaking country to help me edit some lines I've written in english and support news section of the site. If you have a wish, just write a letter to this box. :)