July 30th, 2006

why not?

I was thinking about Bass Trap and how some people think of it as black and some think of it as pastel pink. Does anyone else find that as interesting as I do? I want to hear what images or colours various U2 songs bring to mind, the stranger the better. Doesn't even have to be visual- if a song tastes like soy sauce or feels like chalk, that's even cooler. No, I'm not on drugs, I'm just interested in synesthesia.

To start off, I'll think of a few things: Some Days Are Better Than Others sounds like a black background with a bunch of tiny neon colours zipping around. Elvis Presley And America, my favourite U2 song, is a myriad of deep aquatic colours of green and blue with blotches of black. Love And Peace Or Else reminds me of brown corderoy. Mercy is a bright, glowing, carnelian orange, like when you close your eyes and turn towards the sun.

If there was just a big old post about this, sorry- I've been on a vacation of sorts and very busy, so I haven't been reading my friendslist.