August 20th, 2006

you think?
  • natas4

secret machines + bono

as many of you probably know...the secret machines + bono have recorded a cover of "i am the walrus"...
for julie taymor's upcoming film tentativley titled across the universe due nov.2006 or early 2007...
no word on date of release of film soundtrack yet..

i can't wait to hear what it sounds like nontheless.
secret machines did open 2 shows earlier this year for u2 in mexico city.

polar bears Nature

Speaking of football...

For anyone who watches (American) football, they seem to be playing more U2 than I've ever noticed before, both in the stadiums and as bump music, and it's not even regular season yet. A couple commercial breaks ago in this Seahawks/Colts game, they (NBC) played "Crumbs" as they went to commercial, for example, and I know I've recently heard "Elevation", "Stuck in a Moment", and "Desire", and probably more I can't remember. Since I like football, I don't *really* mind, but am just wondering what other people think about this....I'm guessing either a little annoyed or you don't care. Any other football fans out there?

When Frank met Bono (cheers Nicky!)

Little thing that might appeal to anyone who's also an England football fan - there's a Football Focus interview with Frank Lampard up on the BBC website, in which he mentions a meeting with Bono that left him quite awestruck. :)  He talks about it for less than a minute, but it's always cute to see the effect Bono has on people, even other celebrities!

Click here for the video (if that doesn't work for any reason, you can find it here). The relevant part starts at around 9:20.