August 21st, 2006

Jenny Lewis - Smile

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I just got back yesterday evening from a two week vacation in Ireland. I had an absolutely fabulous time, but I was quite disappointed in one respect...

I barely heard any U2 songs!

Having stayed mainly in Dublin, I figured I'd be hearing them quite a bit, but I only heard the first three songs off Achtung Baby while in a music memorabilia store specializing in U2 collectables and the version of "One" with Mary J. Blige. In two weeks!

For any LJs here who live over there, is this bitterness after the whole moving their assets to Holland to avoid the taxes thing? Or am I just spoiled because the New York area has been in love with our boys for 20 years?

(Incidentally, I wasn't just disappointed/surprised in the lack of U2. I had been under the impression that folk/singer-songwriters, Britpop, and other music that I really enjoy were quite popular in Ireland, only to hear mainly cheesy pop from the UK and bad American rock).
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