August 27th, 2006

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Hi there. I was wondering if anyone had U2's performance of "I Will Follow" on Saturday Night Live. I tried looking it up on YouTube but no luck there. Many thanks to anyone who could upload it or direct me to a download!!
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I don't want to wait two months for this..

I don't know if there's so many Finns here (so sad, we need more Finns here) but... I'm going to post this anyway!

Finns probably know Rockin klassikolevyt (I think the name is Classic Albums in English but who knows) series which comes every week from Yle Teema and one episode is always a documentary about one legendary rock album. Well.. This information from made my day:

Rockin klassikkolevyt: U2
Maanantaina 23.10. klo 20.00, uusinta lauantaina 28.10. klo 23.05

Squee! More info can be found here.
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