September 2nd, 2006

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Nice Bono pics?

I was just wondering if you guys could help me out. I really want a new Bono background for my desktop, but it feels like I've used every possible picture of him on google already. Haha. So anyone with really nice Bono pictures... Or maybe a site with pictures? I preferably would like early 1980s Bono-ness. Thanks :)
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Steve Zissu

The beauty of live music (excuse the wine)

Just as a precursur to this post - I polished off a good bottle of red wine so I'm in a pretty good drunk place so excuse the post.

I was just watching this version of With or Without You from the ZooTV tour, and I was picking out Adam's bass in my head.  It's really too easy to think of U2 on autopilot each night of the tour, and I'm sure they are for some songs.  We complain about it all the time on the Interference forums.  But still, this is an extraordinary band.  These are four guys who still play their own instruments in an era of lip-synching and on-stage dancers doing pop and locks.  These four guys (and Dallas and Terry and the wonderful backing tracks) can do amazing things together live that just aren't live in so many shows.  It's easy to be bitter about post-2000 U2, and it's an easy recourse to make fun and critique sometimes when thinking about  a new album.  Still, these guys are amazing.  The last time I saw these guys live was Montreal on the 26th of November, 05, and it was the best concert I've ever seen.  Maybe it's the wine talking, but I feel a lot of regret for making fun of them so much.  They're a great band, and no one can touch them in a live setting.  I will never forget the memories of that weekend or the folks I had the pleasure of hanging out with.  There's a special connection between U2 fans, and I hope we all get to share it soon for the tour for the next album.

Goodnight, U2 fans :)  Take care and be safe.