September 3rd, 2006

Random U2ness

Things that have come up, things I've been wondering, yadda yadda.

*iTunes just released another "Essentials" playlist, Best Live Rock or something. U2 landed only one song, the Under a Blood Red Sky version of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. And that was on the "basics" list. Poo on iTunes.

*Were "A Man and a Woman" and "One Step Closer" played at any point during the Vertigo tour?

*Does any one have an audio version of "Bad" from the R&H DVD? I know, I know, bad me, not going to u2usendit. But I'm already here!

*anyone else into Editors? They are my latest music obsession. They are definitely influenced by U2. But some of the guitar part in "Lights" sounds directly lifted from "Wire". Thoughts?
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