September 14th, 2006

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U2 and Green Day to perform on Monday Night Football

So, we all remember the entry a few days ago about the U2/Green Day duet, right? The one with the flamewar?

Anyway, they are performing the Skids song "The Saints are Coming" on Monday Night Football (on ESPN) live at the Superdome.

Here is a Time Magazine article:,8599,1534725,00.html?cnn=yes

The only problem is that the Superdome game is on Sept. 25th, NOT Sept. 18th. So which week are they performing? I assume the 25th (not the 18th like the article says), although we might want to check during both games, just to be sure.
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In case you haven't seen it yet, YOU NEED TO:

A couple of American tourists, travelling to England decide to head down to Abbey Road and take a photo of themselves walking across the crosswalk (because who doesn't want to do that?) when who should they run into, but U2 and Green Day, walking across the crosswalk, for a photoshoot:

Being the huge U2 fan, and growing Beatles fan that I am, this just thrilled me. I don't hate Green Day, but I wouldn't have minded seeing U2 on the crosswalk without them.

Also, Bono looks snappy in a suit done up right, and Larry has had a haircut. I repeat, Larry has had a haircut.
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