September 25th, 2006

Bono facepalm

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Confession: I am so dorky that I wrote a ridiculous run-on sentence containing 25 U2 song titles (and it even halfway makes sense!):

(I have a) Desire (that) One, Bad, Lemon (coloured) Kite (would) Please Always Fly (over) The Ocean (in) Miami (or maybe) New York, (and) Levitate Like a Song (for a few) Seconds, (before going) Out of Control (like an) Acrobat, Surrender(ing to the wind and being) Gone, Into the Heart (of the) Twilight (sky, only to come back) Another Time, Another Place, (maybe) Tomorrow, (or maybe on) New Year's Day, (perhaps even in) October (or maybe not) Until the End of the World.

I owe part of my inspiration to stay_please's old username: onebadkite.
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I just turned on Good Morning America (in California). They're going to do a brief interview with Edge and Billy from Green Day about their performance in New Orleans tonight (is it tonight?). So tune into GMA as soon as you can. We're Tivoing it just in case we leave for work before they come one.

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Twitchy Winky

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Can people please give me some quotes that describe Bono's humanitarian efforts and/or other quotes that solidify his charitable efforts (i.e. EDUN, ONE, benefit concerts)?

And, if possible, cite the quote?

Please and Thank you!
u2- adam and bono

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So, what did everyone think of the U2/Green Day performance?

I loved it, especially "The Saints are Coming Home".  Lots of intensity. And congratulations Edge! It's a great thing he's doing.


It was 30 years ago today (Larry Mullen taught the band to play)

I felt like a star
I felt the world could go far
If they'd listen to what I say

According to the good folks over at, September 25, 1976 was the portentous occasion of the meeting of four young Dublin lads in Larry Mullen Jr's kitchen that started the phenomena that we have all come to know and love.

Thirty freakin' years!

Douglas Adams (he of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) once said that the game people play where they talk about what time in history they would most like to have lived seemed silly to him because to live any other time would have meant (for him) missing the Beatles (he described his adolesence as 'what was going on while I was trying to listen to The Beatles').

In that vein, I'd just like to say that, but for perhaps having been born a few years earlier so I could have experienced The Joshua Tree Tour and Zoo TV, I wouldn't want to have lived any other time because I wouldn't want to have missed U2.

Thanks boys, for playing rock n' roll.

I'll be up with the sun
I'm not coming down
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