October 1st, 2006


Song Of The Day

Sorry I missed my SOTD last weekend, I was staying with relatives and didn't have time to put something together. Hoping this one will make up for it...

Anyone who knows me, knows that if I were to marry an inanimate object, it would undoubtedly be my ZooTV Live From Sydney video. I purchased it in the summer of 1999, shortly after becoming a U2 fan (when my album collection still consisted of nothing but the Best Of 1980-1990 and Achtung Baby), and I immediately fell head-over-heels in awestruck love with the whole incredible show. Since then, I've watched it so many times I pretty much wore out the first tape and had to buy a second copy, and it remains my favourite U2 video release by a zillion miles.

Sadly, these days I rarely get the chance to sit down and watch it - but this month it finally came out on DVD, which gave me the perfect excuse for another viewing. And what better time to ramble on rapturously about one of the greatest U2 concert sequences you will ever behold:

Dirty Day --> Bullet The Blue Sky --> Running To Stand Still --> Where The Streets Have No Name

I've got my work cut out here, as ZooTV's "Heart Of Darkness" set is really stunning beyond description, and has to be seen - no, experienced - to be appreciated. But I'll do my best, and hopefully you'll all go running for your shiny new DVDs and sit with mouths agape just like me. :)  This post is kind of inspired by sapphires13's special SOTD about a sequence from the Boston Elevation DVD... seems we all have our favourite moments of magic. I just hope I can do this one justice!

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Dirty Day, Running To Stand Still and Where The Streets Have No Name can all be viewed on YouTube (couldn't find Bullet The Blue Sky?), but honestly, you're much better off watching the whole uninterrupted sequence on good quality video or DVD. I can also offer an MP3 of Running To Stand Still, but it's far better with the visuals!