October 2nd, 2006


Definitive ‘Best Of’ On The Way

from u2.com

Sixteen of U2’s best known songs and two new tracks are on a single ‘Best of” CD released next month.

No word on a title for the album yet nor what the track-listing is but the release date is set for November 20th.

Along with 16 of the band’s best known songs (start predicting them now!) one of the two new tracks is the band’s collaboration with Green Day while the other is a brand new song.

Both were recorded during sessions at London’s Abbey Road last month and are produced by Rick Rubin.

Out of the blue that one! I guess the tracklisting will be fairly predictable.
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Cracking Richard Jobson interview over at U2.com!

I've been very critical of U2.com over the years. But they've been been on the ball of late.