October 5th, 2006

Walk On

Song request.

Does anyone have a clear mp3 of Miss Sarajevo from one of the shows last year? I have one from LA 2 on the second leg but it's muffled and I'd love a clear version.

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Great songs you forget about?

I'm always struggling to find songs in my music collection that are up-tempo enough to exercise to, especially amongst the U2 CDs. The other day I suddenly remembered how awesome Wire is (for that purpose and in general)... I hardly ever think to play that song, but it always thrills me when I do.

Which leads me to the question, are there any U2 songs that you love, but tend to forget about?  I seem to have that problem with several tracks off The Unforgettable Fire, for some reason*. And both HMTMKMKM and The Ground Beneath Her Feet are superb songs that suffer from being easily-overlooked side projects!

* (Edit: Heh, I only just noticed the irony in that!!)
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