October 13th, 2006


Hi guys,

Sorry about the huge pic w/o an LJ cut.  I'm new on here and didn't know how to do it.  Here's the pic again, in case anyone still wants to see it.  I made it in Adobe Illustrator and it's not finished yet.  Thanks for all the nice comments and sorry again about the community faux pas.


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NBC News w/Brian Williams feat. Bono

More from MSNBC.com:

Featuring video of October 13th's broadcast from NBC news--just click on the Launch button on the NBC video square.

The most note-worthy part of the interview is this:

...it's one memory from his first trip to Africa that keeps him going.

"It's a man, [who] offers me his young son and he says, 'Please, you must take this boy and you must take him with you to wherever you live. Because if he stays here, he will surely die. But, if he goes with you, he will live.'"

"And you have to walk away from that moment," Bono continues, "and know he's probably right. But you know even at a deeper level that he shouldn't be right."

That on the heel's of Madonna's adoption of a Malawi child.  Different people, different approaches, I suppose.

On a personal note, my mom is impressed as heck by Bono.  She usually hates it when celebs play politician--most are all mouth but little knowledge or action to back it up.  She watched the report on Bono, and she was amazed at how knowledgable he is and how much he's actually accomplished.  I think she's a new fan. :)  Now to loan her some of my CD's...