October 31st, 2006

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"One" (Version 4)

quality isn't so good..
but this is extremely rare as we all know because it was scrapped by the band in favor of just the buffaloes.
not sure as to how this version aired on tv...as it looks like a broadcast in europe somewhere promoting the single i assume.
directed by Mark Pellington.

achtung baby

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U2 Planning 3-D Concert Film

U2 is planning to release its first 3-D concert film mid-late 2007 reports Reuters.

Directors Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington ("Arlington Road," "The Mothman Prophecies") shot more than 700 hours of footage with the band in seven South American cities during their Vertigo tour in February and March.

Nine pairs of Sony Cinealta 950 cameras captured the band with swooping camera angles and kaleidoscopic imagery, thanks to the help of 3D cinemtaographer Peter Anderson ("T2 3-D: Battle Across Time").

Dubbed "the first-ever 3-D multicamera live shoot", it is expected that the film will screen nationwide using the Real D technology in place by theaters.

U2 also might take part in the first live 3-D performance projected in theaters nationwide.
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Bad press for Bono

I know someone posted here about this topic awhile back, but Slate had some commentary today about U2 moving their publishing business to the Netherlands. Ouch!

Since I'm not even remotely conversant in the tax laws for either country, I don't have a strong feeling on the issue, though I will say it does surprise me given their long-standing commitment (until now) to keeping their operations in Ireland.