November 5th, 2006


Are you coming to Brisbane for the November 7 gig?

Then I have some info for you if you're going General Admission. This is the same info I posted on the Zootopia forums just now, so if you saw it there there's nothing new here for you.

Just a little background for you. I live right near QSAC stadium and with a small group of obsessed tightly focussed fen have been staking out the set up and rehearsals over the last few days. U2 have been amazingly open and tolerant about this and have spent a lot of time giving autographs and photo ops. We also had the opportunity to talk with Scotty, who is U2's head of venue security and full of awesome. He's given us a bunch of info on the arrangements for the night, which I'm sharing around to help things go more smoothly.

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Two [2] Side View Tics Available for 10 Nov Sydney Date

Due to financial and work reasons, I am unable to travel to Sydney for U2 this time around.

Hence, my two [2] Side View tickets are available if anyone wants them. They cost AUD$276.95 in total [2 X Adult @ $134.50 = $269.00 and transaction fee: $7.95], and are in Section: S104-1. Pricing is negotiable as I would rather that someone have these and enjoy the concert than me keeping the tics all the way here in Southeast Asia.

I will share the postage of the tics with the receiver. However, I can only accept payment via Paypal.

I understand this is pretty late notice so please contact me directly via my email at quovis AT

My apologises if such posts are against the rules; I will remove it if required.


Brisbane show

Ok, this is a question for the Brisbane kids out there. Does anyone know how long it takes to get from the Cultural Centre to ANZ stadium? This is going to be at 4.30 in the afternoon by bus as well, so I've got that to consider also (yay for free shuttles, because I have NO idea how to get there!). Unfortunately, I'm working until 4 on the day of the concert (I did have holidays planned for the original concert, but I'm now at a new job with no holidays accumuated yet.. grr..). My lovely little brother has volunteered to sit in line for me all day but I'm a bit paranoid that the bus is going to get there after 5 when the gates open, which means at best, I'm going to have to do a lot of searching for him. Worst case scenario, we get seperated to either side of the barrier. I just don't know if the bus is the best option.

Thanks for any help!

(will probably be x-posted to brisbane communities)