November 7th, 2006


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anybody know anything about the rumor of U2 coming back to do stadiums in the US early 2007? It seems I definitely heard this a few months, supposedly one of the Boston stations said that it came from Dennis Sheehan. I personally think the chances are somewhat high being that getting on the road again will definitely get them back on fire and not want to end in just over a month. Also, in U2 By U2, Paul McGuiness states that he really wished they brought stadiums to the States. So I guess we'll see....
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U218 Pre-order in Itunes UK

just FYI you can pre-order U218 in the UK Itunes Music Store. Its the album, the 9 track vertigo live cuts and one bonus song called smile for preorder only.

think smile was made during the beach songs this summer? i lost those beach files if someone can post them that would be good