November 10th, 2006

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The Saints Are Coming single issues?

Has anyone else picked up the two track single yet? I just tried to rip the first track onto iTunes, and the quality was really horrible. I haven't changed the settings within iTunes for ripping quality, and the CD has no visible imperfections. There's no notice on the CD either that it's copy protected (like that technology has been so successful so far).

Anyone having the same issue? Anyone? Bueller?

Edit: Nevermind; turns out my CD-Rom needed a cleaning out.

U218 Milan Footage and Window in the Skies on AOL Music

Says the AOL Music New Blog:

On Nov. 21, U2 will unveil a new song, 'Window in the Skies,' on their upcoming 'U218 Singles,' an eighteen-track compilation album that encompasses the band's storied career. The track, an elegiac, piano-driven number, was produced by Rick Rubin and will be released as a single on Jan. 1.

In addition, 'The Saints are Coming,' U2's collaboration with Green Day, makes its long-player debut on 'U218.' The song, originally done by late-70s Scottish punks the Skids, was perfomed live by the bands at the New Orleans Saints' NFL home-opening game at the Superdome in September. The studio version, also produced by Rubin, was released as a charity single last Monday to aid musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Listen to 'Window' and check out highlights from the CD/DVD version of 'U218' -- a ten-song live set from Milan, recorded during 2005's Vertigo tour -- here. Give a look and listen, and share you thoughts with us below.

Definitely worth checking out.

Hey Sydneysiders!

After Tuesday's brilliant Brisbane show I couldn't help myself and bought a ticket for Saturday's Sydney concert. My flight's at 5.30 tomorrow morning, but due to that silly time difference I'm not going to land until 8 your time. I just hope I'm going to get there in time for a good spot in line. On Tuesday my brother didn't start lining up until about 10 and he got front row on Edge's ramp. I've just heard from my Mum, though, that people have been lined up since Wednesday! I'm hoping it's not that bad for the Saturday show.

If you see a lone, very sleepy Queenslander in the GA line, be sure to say hello. I know absolutely nobody in Sydney and spending close to 15 hours talking to myself aint gonna be fun ;)
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