November 21st, 2006

Miracle Drug

Woah. O____o

So, I just put The Unforgettable Fire into my CD ROM. You know how Windows Media Player will automatically detect the cd, and load the song and album info for you? WELL. In the window, it says my cd is Frigid Stars by Codeine. :o I have never listened to, nor do I even have a clue who or what THAT cd is, how funny. Anything like that happen to anyone else?!
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It looks like there is a new CD offered to subscribers of, a 2CD set from the ZooTV tour in Sydney. I'm assuming it's the same show as was released on the DVD. The packaging of it looks pretty cool and it comes with a poster, I believe.

Personally, I've never seen the point in paying $40 to use someone's website. There doesn't really seem to be a lot of benefits for it, at least to me, anyway.

Just thought I'd share the info. :)


I just found this video on YouTube, and it totally rocks!!

Appearantly, U2 and Pearl Jam united on stage at the "Make Poverty History" concert on Nov 17, 2006. I see this and I can't sit still anymore :-) Get yourself ready for some Rock and Roll... 

Edit: You can download the song as .mp3 here (YSI) 

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Bono facepalm

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I just read this on Interference, but it's too good to not be posted here for everyone to see.

It seems a special guest joined U2 on stage during the Brisbane show a couple of weeks ago...

From Willie Williams' tour diary:

"The gig itself went well enough, with a couple of funny moments. When the lights came up at the top of the first number, ‘City of Blinding Lights’, I could see in the camera close up that The Edge had a large green praying mantis sitting on top of his head. He really did – I’m not making this up. There was a bright green mantis happily cleaning its mandibles perched on Edge’s black beanie. It wasn’t overly noticeable on the stage screens (and besides there’s a hell of a lot going on at that point in the show) but at mission control on the TV monitor for Edge’s camera we could clearly see the little chap perched there, in the best seat in the house. It sat there for a minute or so, then started to move about, exploring his new black woolly domain. It crawled forward and had a look down at Edge’s guitar technique, then turned around and wandered back over the crown of Edge’s head until we realised that a few more insect steps and the thing might fall down the back of Edge’s neck, which would have been highly entertaining but possibly disastrous for the show. Mercifully it held on until the blackout before Vertigo, when The Edge’s guitar tech discreetly slipped on stage and flicked it into oblivion."

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It could only happen to The Edge XD
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Could someone point me in the right direction for U2 livejournal layouts?? I just searched for an hour and I haven't found anything :[ Thanks sooo much.
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